Is the old adage Location, Location, Location still true in Real Estate?  OR  Is price the determining factor in selling your Panama City Home?


There have been many debates on what is most important when selling your Panama City home.    Many believe that the location is the major factor in selling your home. I believe location is important but not always what determines if your home will sell.

Below are the 3 main reasons a home will sell and the same reasons a home will not sell.


  1. PRICE:  Price controls nearly every aspect of selling your home.  The price is determined by the square footage, bedroom count, bath count, age, condition, location, school district as well as the neighborhood itself.  A home has to be priced according to the above items in order to sell.  Pricing a home above what the market will bear at the current time will most likely mean the home will not sell.
  2. CONDITION:  Naturally you want your home to be in the best possible condition to sell.  Make your home as presentable as possible because you only get one chance to make a first impression.  If your home needs repairs and does not show well, expect the price to be lower.  One thing to consider, price always overcomes condition but condition does not always overcome the price.   A home with a hole in the roof will sell at the proper price
  3. MARKETING:  Make sure your agent is marketing your home to the right places.   In Panama City Florida, newspaper ads are dead and the internet is where most start their search.  Just having a website isnt enough.  Make sure your agent is PROSPECTING BASED and MARKETING ENHANCED meaning they are proactive and going out and finding the buyers and not just sitting back and waiting for a buyer.  PROACTIVE marketing is what will sell your home.   Dont fall for the 3 Ps that many agents implement as a marketing strategy; Put a sign in yard, Put in MLS and Pray that it sells.   
In summary, Location is important but PRICE is the key.  Maybe we shoudl say Price, Price, Price depending on the location Cool